Get the Book–Exodus 2

Exodus II (2)

Many see a Civil War coming. It seems like the patriotic thing to be brave and fight to restore the Constitutional Rights and Freedoms that made America great.

But President John Adams said the Constitution was only designed for a moral and religious people. President Obama said this is no longer a Christian nation. Perhaps a near silent majority see the changes coming to America and wonder where this script is coming from–they didn’t vote for the changes that we are seeing.

This book is written for those who believe in the Bible because there’s a reason it is still the best-seller–God is not taken by surprise. He has revealed the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10). and there is a surprise answer to a WorldNetDaily’s editorial, Separation and Divorce?, referring to Christian’s relationship to our nation’.

Here’s a Christian Patriot’s Answer to an Impending Martial Law and Fight or Flight. Even without reviews, it was #14 in its category of Social Philosophy on October 6.

The author, a retired physician, guarantees your satisfaction for a $3 donation with a bonus–the best ebook on health and happiness according to several wellness and preventive medicine physicians.

Note: If you don’t receive the download link within 24 hours, please email   Thank you for your donation! 

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