Posted by: thebridegroomcomes | February 18, 2015

Jews Targeted in European Hate Crimes but “Aliyah” is Ill-Timed says Expert


Netanyahu has been a strong pillar as Israel needs leadership facing danger from surrounding hostile forces. Nevertheless, it’s not a good time for “aliyah” (returning of Jews to their homeland), says Richard Ruhling, author on Bible prophecy topics.

Netanyahu’s call for return of Jews from Europe has been negatively seen by Hollande, Merkel, and Danish leadership, but their interest is probably political–easily melted by fickle media, says Ruhling, citing two events with ominous portent.

One is the rise of ISIS, “that evil servant” that begins to smite his fellow servants at the beginning of end-times, Matthew 24:48-51. The beheadings of Christians and even children, identify this evil servant that Ruhling believes will beget air-strikes in the end-time application of Daniel 8:5…

History supports Alexander the Great’s victory over the Medes and Persians, seen in Daniel 8, but “history repeats” and Gabriel told Daniel that his vision was “at the time of the end,” Daniel 8:17. Ruhling says the Medes and Persians are now Iraq and Iran/ISIS–radical Islam bent on annihilating the Israelites from the land that God covenanted to give Abraham for his “seed.” That’s the good news.

Every silver lining has a cloud. The solar eclipse and blood moon this Passover mark Passover, a Jewish time of judgment. 

“The day of the LORD” also brings “all nations against Jerusalem to battle,” Zechariah 14:2. Heeding Y’shua’s warning in Luke 21:20-22 spared Christians in 70 AD and could spare Jerusalem soon.

For more information, readers may get Ruhling’s $1 ebook, Exodus2 on Amazon.

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