Posted by: thebridegroomcomes | May 20, 2013

America’s Parallels to Egypt Imply Impending Calamity

“America has a dozen points in common with Egypt in Bible times and their history ended in calamity with the Exodus,” warns Dr Richard Ruhling, author and speaker on current events and Bible prophecy,

Since historians and many people believe “history repeats,” here are some similarities of then and now.

  1. Egypt was the strongest nations then as America has been recently.
  2. Egypt was the source of food in times of famine as America is for many countries now.
  3. Egypt had many gods; we have American Idol and many movie stars, rock stars and sports stars while the things of the Creator God get little focus or press.
  4. Israel went to Egypt in a time of famine. In medieval Europe there was a famine for the Bible which was proscribed by the church, and pioneers found relief and freedom in America.
  5. Another king came to power who knew not Joseph nor did he recognize the rights and freedoms previously give to Israel. Some in America’s leadership ignore its Constitution and principles of  self-government where the citizen was soverign with some powers given to the state which then delegated a smaller segment of power to Washington, and we didn’t meddle with other nations.
  6. Israel came into bondage and was forced to work for Pharaoh. Today nearly half of America gets government aid in some form while the other half are taxed to provide food stamps, medical care and income to many who have learned to type into Google, How do I qualify for…
  7. Bondage includes mandatory healthcare but medical care is a leading cause of illness and death.
  8. Egypt was guilty of infanticide; America is guilty of abortion.
  9. When God got ready to deliver His people, He attacked the gods of Egypt. They worshiped the Nile and it turned to blood. America’s main idol is money; we shouldn’t be surprised to see it go.
  10. Egypt worshiped cattle and they became diseased. Many in America are powerless over appetite and we see increasing evidence of Mad Cow, TB, superbugs, flesh-eating bacteria as plagues.
  11. Egypt was not the Promised Land and Israel had no future there. Many today see little future for America. George W Bush bought 100,000 acres in Paraguay; maybe he knows something that we don’t? America is not the Promised Land of which Paul wrote, “If you are Christ’s, you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise,” Galatians 3:29.
  12. Historically, Egypt was “the king of the south,” but in the prophecy of Daniel 11:40 America fits the description as it is overflowed in the time of the end with immigrants whose primary loyalty is to the king of the north, shown to be Babylon in Ezekiel 26:7. In the time of the end, this isn’t  a city in Iraq–Babylon is redefined in Revelation 17.

Pharaoh kept ignoring the signs of the times until Egypt was decimated by calamity. Ruhling reminds us that “when they shall say, ‘Peace and safety,’ sudden destruction comes,” 1Thess 5:3. He says this is a government theme since 9-11, and even more now with promises for gun control–the next event is destruction. For more information on how to be spared, readers may visit


  1. Hey Richard;

    Just received your article about the parallel between America and Egypt. Just wondering if you have read The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn, or seen any of the videos/interviews with him. Google his name or title on youtube and you will find plenty. You should if you haven’t. Can’t remember if we discussed this previously. Regards Paul

    • Don’t have the book, but read enough online toknow that God has dozens of ways for us to see that the end is impending and time for us all to light our lamps as the wise in Matthew 25.

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