Posted by: thebridegroomcomes | February 6, 2010

Government: “your 1 and only god”?

Government is not “your 1 and only god” though it promises HEW (Health, Education and Welfare) and does a POOR job in each area. It redefined “healthcare” as medical care (now a leading cause of death) and says almost nothing about nutrition as it is steadily undermines agriculture with herbicides, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and Terminator Seed. 

Stupid congressmen have been wined, dined and given re-election campaign funds (or threatened with funds for their opponent) if they did not favor greedy corporations with “Silent Spring” legisation.

The media is silent as well, so you won’t understand until you hurt bad and it will be too late to find real help to addresses the cause, but “here’s something for the pain…”

NASHVILLE– “We’re in trouble in America,” founder Joseph Farah told a packed national tea party convention in Nashville. “We’re losing our moral bearings. We’re losing our respect for the rule of law. You look around America today, and things are bad – and they’re getting worse. We’re broke. We’re dispirited. We’re scared.”

 Farah shared his long-term strategy for reclaiming the nation with tea partiers last night – explaining election wins are only half the battle and a true, lasting revolution would mean taking over cultural institutions such as the press, entertainment business, schools, universities and churches.  More 

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